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Retro Goal Out Today on Nintendo Switch


New Star Games’ love letter to 16-bit football kicks off today on the Nintendo eShop

Developer New Star Games, the BAFTA award-winning studio behind hit games like Retro Bowl and New Star Soccer, are delighted that their 90’s styled soccer game, Retro Goal for the Nintendo Switch, has finished warming up and is now ready to play.

Retro Goal will be available to download here today on the Nintendo eShop, priced at:- £4.49/ €4.99. The pre-order sale is currently live, so players have one last chance to get a 60% discount.

Retro Goal is a fast and exciting mix of arcade soccer action and simple team management. Following on from and building on the success of the mobile version of the game, Retro Goal on Switch allows you to play it your way.

  • New exclusive technique - Manual Ground Passes - Aim a long low shot at any time.
  • New exclusive technique - Automatic Ground Passes - Pass quickly to your teammates with a single tap or button press
  • More involved Tackling - select your defender and get him into the right position for a slide tackle
  • New "Turbo" settings - adjust the game speed independently from the Difficulty
  • Change at any time between touch screen and Joy-Con™ controls in handheld mode.
  • Play with almost any Switch controller - Play with the Nintendo Switch™ Pro Controller, with a pair of Joy-Con™ controllers or with a solo Joy-Con™ held horizontally. You can even play with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ Controller for Nintendo Switch™ or one of the Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers™ for Nintendo Switch™.
  • Customisable control options - Flip your aiming style or choose from three different types of direct player control.
With graphics inspired by the most beloved football games of the 16-bit era and the accuracy of modern touchscreen and Joy-Con™ controls, you'll be slotting away goal after goal with pixel-perfect precision. Choose one of the 496 playable teams from 24 of the world's favourite leagues and recruit the superstars, professionals and hotheads who will lead you to victory - then take full control on the pitch and make every touch count!




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