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Resident Evil 4 VR – The Mercenaries is Now Available


The classic mode is available for free and features new additions like online leaderboards, Challenges and unlocks like Big Head Mode.​

Armature Studio’s Resident Evil 4 VR has received a new free update which adds The Mercenaries as a new playable mode. Beloved by fans, The Mercenaries sees players taking on hordes of Ganados across multiple levels. The objective is to defeat as many as possible while racking up a high score (and finding hidden pickups that extend the timer before extraction).

Along with Leon S. Kennedy, there are other playable characters like Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, Jack Krauser and even H.U.N.K. But that’s not all. Ranked online leaderboards have been added along with 20 Challenges tailor-made for VR. These Challenges provide unique scenarios and conditions to complete, like knife-only, less time and even a strange fog that limits your vision.

Your rewards for completing these Challenges include unlocks like Classic Horror Mode (which turns everything black and white), Big Head Mode, Fast Forward Mode and new Golden Gun skins. Even better, you can use all of these in the story mode for added hilarity/fright.

Resident Evil 4 VR is available exclusively for Meta Quest 2.


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