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Overwatch 2: Season 2 Patch Reveal Doomfirst Buffs, Kiriko Nerfs, and More

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Other heroes like Symmetra, Bastion, Junker Queen, Tracer, Sojourn, and Ana have seen some adjustments. Hero Challenges are also live.​

The latest season of Overwatch 2 went live yesterday with a new Tank, Ramattra, along with the Escort map, Shambali Monastery. In addition, several balance changes have been made to Heroes.

The first thing to note is that Hero Challenges are live for Junker Queen, Sojourn, and Kiriko for those...

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Hero Spotlight Trailer Features an Angry Hulk

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Bruce Banner's alter ego is the final playable character in the turn-based card-battler, which is out now for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.​

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available worldwide, and despite not setting the UK physical sales charts on fire, it’s had a decent response from fans. Before launch, Firaxis revealed The Hulk, the final playable character to join the roster right before the end-game. Though some abilities were...

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Takes the Top Spot in Famitsu’s Most Wanted Charts

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The upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive has jumped up to the top of the charts, with Final Fantasy 16 slotting in at second place.​

Famitsu’s latest weekly charts (as decided by votes from the reader’s outlet) are in, and there’s been some interesting movement in the top 10 this week. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been...

The Game Awards 2022 The Game Awards Will Feature New Showings for 30-40 Games, Including “a Fair Number” of New Announcements

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Producer and host Geoff Keighley also confirms that though "a couple" of the new showings will be CG trailers, "a lot" of them will show gameplay.​

The Game Awards are approaching soon, and as anticipation surrounding the show continues to mount, new details on it are beginning to emerge. One of the biggest elements of The Game Awards every year is, of course, is new updates and announcements for games, and producer and host...

DNF Duel – Grand Balance Patch, New Character, and Switch Version Announced

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The gameplay patch arrives in December, while the Switch version is scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2023.​

Launching earlier this year and co-developed by Arc System Works, DNF Duel hasn’t exactly been one of the most prominent releases in the fighting genre in recent memory, though there have been updates for the game every now and then that have made gameplay tweaks and made balance changes. More new content is on the...

Apex Legends – Wintertide Collection Event Starts December 6th

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It brings new limited-time cosmetics, a new Prestige skin for Wraith that evolves with use, and the return of the Winter Express.​

The Winter Express is returning to Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has announced that the Wintertide Collection Event begins December 6th, and like the previous years, three squads of players can compete to board the World’s Edge train. Check out the trailer below.

The event features 24...

Saints Row 4 Owners on PC Will Receive Free Re-Elected Upgrade on December 8th

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Saves and Achievements will carry over into Re-Elected. Cross-platform play is also confirmed for Steam, Epic Games and GOG.​

Volition has announced that all Saints Row 4 and Saints Row 4: Game of the Century Edition owners on PC will receive a free upgrade to Saints Row 4: Re-Elected on December 8th. With this upgrade, PC players can access all the DLC, including Enter the Dominatrix, How the Saints save Christmas, and various...

Borderlands 3 Seems to be Headed to the Switch, as Per PEGI Rating

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Gearbox and 2K's looter shooter has been rated for the Nintendo Switch, suggesting it could be making its way over to the hybrid platform.​

The Borderlands franchise has slowly and steadily expanded its presence on the Nintendo Switch over the years, and we’re not at a point where nearly all Borderlands games can be played on the platform- except, of course, some of the series’ more recent releases, including 2019’s Borderlands...

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Ultimate Beginner Guide Showcases Full Mission Playthrough

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Overwhelmed by all the different mechanics that Firaxis' latest has to offer? Check out this video that explains the basics step-by-step.​

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches tomorrow, and while it’s not like Firaxis’ XCOM series, there are a lot of different mechanics to walk through. A new Ultimate Beginner’s Guide is available for the game’s combat, going over an entire mission step-by-step and outlining everything players...

Splatoon 3 – Big Run Event Starts December 9th

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Salmonids will invade normal Battle Stages until December 11th, and it's up to players to clear them out. Rewards include decorations.​

Splatoon 3’s big new update, Chill Season 2022, lands tomorrow and introduces quite a lot of content to the game. It includes Big Run, a co-op event that serves as a twist on Salmon Run. Nintendo of America has confirmed on Twitter that the event starts December 9th at 4 PM PT and ends December...



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